Reading by Moonlight by Brenda Walker

First Published 2010 by Hamish Hamilton (Penguin Group)

Reading by moonlight

The subtitle is How books saved a life, which drew me in straight away – the reading of books has gotten me through tough times too, and lately the writing about them for the Australian Women Writer’s Challenge has been a bright spot in my life. And what a lovely concept, a cancer book which isn’t a cancer book; books are the star and cancer is merely the backdrop. After all, there are already lots and lots of cancer books out there, because unfortunately, if you or someone close to you does not already have a cancer story, you soon will.

The book begins when Brenda Walker, aged in her late forties and a sole parent of one, is diagnosed with breast cancer.  Her first decision is what book to take to hospital.  What follows are discussions of the other book friends that accompany her through the treatment and recovery process.

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