All things bogan

Things Bogans Like by E. Chas McSween et al. First published 2010 by Hachette Australia.

Things Bogans Like

I really enjoyed this book. First I had a good old chuckle at all the headings, then later I went back and read each entry in detail. I noticed that the author/s felt the need to invent a series of fake bios with fake photos with masks etc – they are obviously afraid of being glassed by bogans.

While reading it my teenage son and I had fun bogan-spotting, but it was quite difficult to explain to his younger siblings what a bogan actually is. Apart from the  fact that certain people we know are definitely qualify! Of course the book needs to be viewed as a behavioral profile, as no one person will like all the things mentioned, also everyone has a few boganish likings.

That led me to the next question which was wondering what non-bogans like myself like. Then I found the blog Stuff White People Like, which E.Chas McSween et al bounced off to write this, and discovered that I was guilty of quite a few things, the white people in question being what David Nichols refers to as ‘antibogans’.


The Bogan Delusion by David Nichols. First Published 2011 by Affirm Press.

the bogan delusion

The point of this book was to argue that the bogan was a figment of the imagination; that they do not actually exist.  The main problem is of course that some of my relatives are total bogans! Therefore I was interested in what he had to say, although I would have preferred a brief well thought out argument in the form of an essay to this book. But some publisher saw dollar signs, and Nichols being the university lecturer that he is, has filled the pages with waffle. During several chapters I was fooled into thinking I was back at uni attending a social geography lecture. It seemed as though Nichols forgot that he was supposed to be producing a book about bogans, and was waxing lyrical about suburbia instead. I can’t help but wonder if he has dragged out some old thesis from a drawer and rejigged it in order to wring some actual money out of it. This book should have been better.


Boganomics by E.Chas McSween et al. First published 2011 by Hachette Australia


This also could have been better. I was hoping for more laughs, but it turned out to be just a longer and boring version of Things Bogans Like. Obviously another publisher was seeing dollar signs.  That hasn’t stopped me from skipping the boring chapters and enjoying certain sections though, such as what bogans do on Facebook, hee hee hee!