I have always had my nose in a book, since I was a child and now that I have children I read about one or two pages a night before I am snoring. But that’s how I like it, I do not like a book to keep me awake, I resent a page turner.

Give me something gently literary any day. But nothing too wordy – I resent a book that requires a dictionary to get through each page.

Don’t give me anything too intellectual  because you will simply lose me, but don’t give me fluff either!

I like fiction and memoir but I do not like it when authors blur the two – I resent a book I have to google my way through.

I like a book to lift me; although bad things are allowed to happen as in real life, hope must always shine through, and good must always triumph over evil.

P1020407 - Copy

I have also been writing for about half my life and I am still going; the kids despair of me, but I keep turning my back on the career thing. The world doesn’t need another nutritionist any more than it needs another book!

I started this blog because I wanted to join in the fun which is the Australian Women Writer’s Challenge in 2013. And I am still doing it.



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