The dreaded TBR pile – saved for a rainy day

Today has been one of those rare rainy days that we get here, and at some stage I went through the pile of books in the little cupboard next to my bed.


I set up this little bookshelf early 2012, taking anything I had not yet read out of my main bookshelf and storing it here. At the time I declared that I would not go back to the library until I had made my way through most of these, but I only read one or two. This is what is left, and the pile continues to grow while the library keeps tempting me to go astray. And before my Kobo fell from a great height and died, I had another stash of ebooks, all those lovely free classics, and only a couple of them were finished also.

Of the books pictured here, most were from secondhand bookshops, a couple were new, some were gifts from my mother and others gifts to my father (he returns them a few months later, so this influences what I buy him now!) Some I’ve had sitting around for almost 15 years. Naughty me! The stack at the front are books by AWWs (Australian Women Writers), so I might spend the rest of the year working through these, as I’ve only done one book review for #AWW2015 so far, and have five more to go!

I wonder at this tendency of mine to hoard books though. I live in such a dry place that when I save them for a rainy day, this is the result. But at the heart of it is fear I think, a  fear of what the future might bring. Perhaps I’m anticipating a future without libraries or bookshops or even books. So should it come to pass, well, you know where I’ll be!


A Game of Thrones by George RR Martin

First published 1996 by Bantam Spectra/Voyager.

a game of thrones

When I look back over my book list, which I have kept since I was 12 – 31 years ago, in any of those years the reading has been pretty girly. So this summer, after finishing AWW 2014, I have been reading books by blokes. I have read books by Alexander McCall Smith, George RR Martin, Monty Don, Graeme Simsion, and have some Tim Winton and Cormac McCarthy lined up.

I also tend to read mainly memoir with a little general fiction on the side, so to tackle something like A Game of Thrones was to take a giant leap out of my reading rut. This book sat on my e reader for six months after my son downloaded it, and there was something about the cover which made me feel excited and happy just looking at it. After all, this man has created a world loved by millions, which then became a TV series. Isn’t that every writer’s dream?

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